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Coyotes July Skills Camp Registration is Open!

Our July 23-25 Summer Skills Camp registration is live!  Get signed up now and secure your spot having a great time with experienced coaches developing your lacrosse game. Bring a friend so they can have fun with you! 

Session 1 of our Skills Camp was a great start to the Summer! Register now for Session 2 being held July 23-25!

A Path to Lacrosse Excellence

Embarking on the journey of lacrosse development requires understanding the best approach to nurture well-rounded athletes. From foundational skills to advanced techniques, each aspect contributes to whole player growth. We hope this will guide parents and players through the various options we make available through Coyotes Lacrosse to provide a beneficial lacrosse experience.

The journey begins with introductory clinics, where young athletes are introduced to lacrosse fundamentals in a fun, welcoming environment. Led by experienced coaches, these clinics introduce beginners to basic lacrosse skills, laying the foundation for future growth.

We build on lacrosse basics at our lacrosse skills camps. These immersive camps, run by experienced coaches, refine techniques and elevate game skills. Participants receive instruction in a group environment to challenge themselves and others to make incremental improvements to their play.

Athleticism is crucial in lacrosse. While technical skills, group play, and game IQ are keys to a good player, next-level performance comes from training speed & agility. Players learn proper warm-up routines, how to push themselves, and improve their overall athleticism. A natural outcome is an appreciation for hard work and realizing results!

Putting skills to the test is vital. Our pick-up lacrosse nights offer a friendly, competitive environment for real-time skill application. With experienced coaches facilitating play, players hone skills and game sense. For structured competition, our leagues provide divisions for all ages and skill levels to showcase talents on a larger stage.

Beyond skill development and competition, lacrosse fosters camaraderie. Meeting new players, making friends, and being part of a community with similar interests in playing and improving the game are invaluable aspects of the lacrosse experience. Through shared experiences and a common passion for lacrosse, players form lasting friendships and build a support network that extends beyond the field.

At Coyotes Youth Lacrosse, we believe every player can achieve their personal best. Our comprehensive programs support players at every stage, providing tools for success. Whether starting or aiming for the top, our lacrosse journey helps unleash full potential.

Join us today on the path to lacrosse excellence! Explore our website at and especially our calendar of events to see the various opportunities tailored to every player's development and discover how participating in all of our offerings can help your child become a more well-rounded athlete and a better lacrosse player.


Curious about the sport of lacrosse? We'd love to talk with you! Here are just a few reason why so many enjoy playing lacrosse as their primary, and secondary, sport!

1. The fastest sport played on two feet
2. Size does not matter
3. Multi-sport athletes are better
4. You are a part of a team
5. It combines many sporting skills. 

And more!  Read the full story here!

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Coyotes Youth Lacrosse is committed to providing a premier recreational lacrosse experience for players from kindergarten to 8th grade and developmental activities for kids of all ages. Whether new to the game or a seasoned athlete, our year-round program emphasizes both athletic development and life skills like teamwork and competition, fostering a supportive environment for growth. Coyotes Youth Lacrosse offers the perfect opportunity for them to thrive. Join our vibrant community today and unleash your child's full potential.